Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Next decision from Lynda in England

I didn't put anything about me on my first post. I live in Leicestershire in the middle of England, have two children in their twenties and teach part-time. DS lives in London, so I have taken over his bedroom as my sewing room - note to self: he'll be coming home for Christmas so will need to be able to find his bed. Start clearing up now!

I have put chimneys on my houses and sewn them together into strips.

I'm happier with them now. I tried some white fabric underneath them for snow but it looked very stark. Unfortunately I don't have any more of the snowflake fabric I've used for the sky, so I think I'll dye some fabric in the microwave today to use for snow and possible background for the letters. Wonder if my boss will let me have tomorrow off to get on with them?


jenclair said...

Your houses make me smile. I can't get the picture to enlarge by clicking so I can't see who is in each door (& window) as clearly as I'd like, but love the cheery feeling!

Tracey in CT said...

The houses are very festive!

How does dying the fabric in the microwave work? Sounds like it might be an intersting thing to try.

Søren said...

Lynda, your posts make me happy. My mum is from England (Northampton), as was her best friend Lynda, and all of her relatives are still there except for her twin who is here in the states.