Monday, November 26, 2007

Fitzy - NO pictures, I'm CRABBY

Maybe the words I should be makin' are "BAH HUM BUG"?

I worked feverishly on my letters yesterday. I made I sewed 2 pieces to the wrong side of the block- 2 very long framing pieces. Unsewedx2. Resewedx2. I sewed the wrong letter to the wrong word. Unsewed. Resewed. Chopped off a very important part of a letter. Unsewed, replaced letter, resewed.

This is WHY I took this class. I know I'm anal-retentive. I know I am a direction-follower. I WAY prefer to be told what to do than have to make-up my own mind.

Really, I'm trying. This has been an exercise in patience and forgiveness. Seriously. I'm thankful I'm using forgiving modas that have a memory of presewn fabric togetherness! Otherwise this baby would look like swiss cheese!

Is anyone else having troubles? It can't be just me......or can it?


Rose Marie said...

Yep .... have trashed letters, too! Then rumaged in my garbage bin and took out those letters and re-cut them for use in another letter. Hang in there!

Quilt Pixie said...

One of my "directionally" challenged friends (as in can't keep left/right straight in her head, little own while moving quilting pieces from the design wall to the machine) claimed making the letters was a great way to make a start on crumb blocks! -- you know those everything in them crazy quilt blocks :-)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Pixie is right - don't throw away the mistakes. they are great for making crumb blocks. Bonnie just did a crumb tutorial over at Anyway, sorry the letters are causing you stress, but lots of those booboos can be made on ANY kind of block you're working on. Hang in there, keep at it. You'll be so pleased with your quilt. eventually.

Gillian said...

Patience and forgiveness are worth it! You're in the sewing-gymnasium, working on patience and forgiveness.

And all the time you thought you were sewing crazy letters? Naaaah... you're doing something much more important.

[Not sure if this will appear twice, as my first effort seems to have vanished .. I'm practising, patience AND persistence!]

QuiltingFitzy said...

OH's not your letters.

It's MY refusal to let it all hang out!


Sandy's Quilter's Block said...

It's not just you. I think everyone goes through trial and error, no one can admit that they are perfect and gets perfect results on frist trys. Hang in there, soon you'll be a wiz.

Lynda said...

The letters challenge parts of your brain which haven't had much exercise for years! It must be good for you! Some of my letters looked a bit strange too, and one of my 'e's had been undone and resewn many times, before I finally got my rotary cutter and solved the problem by cutting off the strange bit and sewing a new chunk on. Hooray!