Sunday, November 11, 2007

ANNIE - hey you guys are FAST!!!

WOwwww! I can't believe how fast you guys are moving>>>> warp speed!. I'm still trying to get my ideas on paper and a couple of you have houses and letters done! I think this is going to be a class of A+++ students. I better get an apple for the teacher! LOL

Tracey and I have found that we are part of the same guild. She lives about 20 minutes from me and we met through a gal in Paris!

Hope to have some sketched to post on Monday ~ have a great weekend.

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Lisa said...

Hey Annie, not all of a us are fast, so don't worry. I don't really have much idea yet so still taking a wait and see approach. I'm sure Tonya will inspire and motivate us all :o)

Lisa in New Zealand