Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kristin- some of our ideas

I didn't have the time last weekend to plan the quilt like I thought I would, but I did make some mental notes of ideas. My 14 year old daughter had the idea to use these 5 inch squares as baubles on a tree. I also want to use a Santa drawing my son did last year. We were also talking about what words to put on it and Chloe thinks we should have Merry Christmas in several languages around the borders. I would like to make some funky houses with these fabics as well. My mental picture of this thing keeps changing, but hopefully I'll have time for some sewing next weekend and can get to work on the letters! I love all the inspiration here. It's great to see all the wonderful ideas and photos.


Sandy's Quilter's Block said...

I love your fabrics. Your ideas sound great. I want to do some funky houses as well, but I haven't picked any fabrics yet.

Lynda said...

The fabrics look great. I too love to use fabrics I already have, rather than have to go out and buy more. (There can be problems when you run out, but that's just another creative opportunity!)

Carol E. said...

I love how these look in this wreath arrangement.