Friday, November 9, 2007

jude introduction

HI! jude here... i am in new york... long island to be exact. i have mostly been unplugged, until i came across Tonya. this is my second class, and i am hooked. i have learned so much and i am excited to be finally free of my fear of a sewing machine.
i have a blog here and a behind the scenes blog here. you can also find me on flickr. all my quilts are gifts and so this seasonal class is perfect!
i have chosen to do a small quilt with the theme of Peace on Earth...because the holiday season always makes that wish stronger for me. that is where i start. i look forward to being in class with you all and with a marvelous teacher. thank you Tonya for your gift.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

thanks for getting the ball rollling, Jude. great to have you in class. I realize I should have named the class the Fall/Winter/Christmas and/or Peace class, because there are so many quilts to make.

jude said...

yes, so many to make and thanks to you, i might get a few done....quickly!