Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heidi - finished top

-That was fun :-))
Don't know, when I be able to baste and quilt it, now I have to make some Christmas presents first .
Besides the fun, I'm happy, I could use up those Christmas fabric leftovers and found the matching fabrics in my stash.
Now there's only a small 7" square left of the cute angels fabric ( at the bottom ).
Any takers ?


Quilt Pixie said...

maybe that angel fabric could be used to "frame" the label?

Rose Marie said...

Love your top .... bravo!

Danijela said...

This is so cute!!!!. I especially love the hearts. But - I have a small, stupid, silly, modest question,: please don't get shirty with me: is it your intention to write "marry" instead of "merry"? Did you turn "e" uspide down? I just wanted to ask before you have to unpick the quilt ;-)

Heidi said...

Danijela, thanks for your hint :-)) You probably read it, I made it by purpose and got a bit insecure about it ( insecure, is that right ?? )
, because you were the second to ask . BTW we seem to live not far apart, I'm living near Pforzheim