Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hi from Helen

Hi everyone

I'm Helen from New Zealand. I've been reading Tonya's blog for over a year now and I love her free and easy piecing style. This challenge caught my eye since I don't free piece much, although I do have about a dozen Gwen Marston Style house blocks languishing in one of the many 'to do' piles that seem to multiply in my house.

Christmas here means a long summer holiday, barbeques, beaches and blue sky forever - well at least in my childhood memory it does!

You are welcome to visit me on my blog honeybunchquilting


Tracey in CT said...

Hi Helen! Welcome to the party!
I'm interested in hearing about Christmas in the summer! Sooooo opposite of what I'm used to!

Lisa said...

Hi Helen in New Zealand, this is Lisa New Zealand. Isn't it a small world?! I'm looking forward to the challenge of this class, and to interpreting Christmas in my own New Zealand way. I'll look forward to sharing progress