Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hi! I finally got a chance to get started. Sorry it's taken me a while to get going here. Well, I guess I should say a bit about myself. My name is Kimberly, I live in NY (small city outside of Syracuse, not the big city!) I have quilted for about 12 years, but that makes it sound like I am a better quilter than I really am. I found Tonya's tutorials through Bonnie at and wanted to try her letters. When she did her Halloween tutorials I tried some of those too and had a lot of fun. I still want to do some more, but since we're now into the Winter/Christmas scene I thought this would be fun to do now and then I'll get back to my Halloween stuff and hopefully finish it for next year. As far as what I want to do here, I am thinking the words-Let it Snow with some snowflakes and maybe a house , maybe some trees. I found some cute snowman fabric so I might try to incorporate that too, but not sure how yet. I'm just going to play around a bit I think, and then try to figure how to put it all together when I get a few more elements done. I love what everyone has done so far-it's very inspirational to see it all. Thanks so much, Tonya for doing this class!


QuiltingFitzy said...

Welcome, you've gotten off to a great start!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Hey, Kimberly, great work. I love the snowflake with the different widths. Love to see the jaunty t's as well. lots of fun, keep going.

Rose Marie said...

What you have done so far looks bright and cheery!