Thursday, November 29, 2007

It Bugs Me!

It really bugs me that I'm finding these little
critters so challenging to make. Tonya's
tutorials are excellent and the rotary cutting and sewing are straightforward. But imagine trying to piece this simple block with one hand tied behind your back while your bottom is glued to a chair!

For the longest time, I've been playing a mental game with myself. You know the one--you can't start the quilt because you haven't found the perfect fabrics yet. You can't sit down at the machine because you don't have a big enough chunk of time. The irony is, I have tons of fabric and all the time in the world. I'm just afraid that if I actually try to sew, I'll find that I can't do it anymore. That's a tough issue to face. In some ways it is harder to accept than Multiple Sclerosis itself.

My goal in joining this class is to rekindle some of the joy that quilting has always brought me. I'll be working very slowly, but hopefully enjoying the process none-the-less. Sorry to dump my frustration here. Maybe my BAH! HUMBUG! theme makes more sense now.


jude said...

hey, dumping is good!

Quilt Pixie said...

its easy for any and all of us to forget we quilt because we love the process not only because we like the end product. The speed that you work at isn't important -- enjoying a hobby, truly enjoying the picking and fondling of the fabric, the way the light plays on the weave, the way the parts come together into a whole -- that's quilting I think :-)

I thought your dragonfly was cute I can just imagine what a hit he'd be with kids if you interspersed a few with googly eyes :-)

Jan said...

You go for it, Diane! We all have our own fears (and limited time, whether we face it or not.)
How wonderful that you've chosen to participate and rise to the challenge.

Tracey in CT said...

Wow, your dragonfly is so cute!!

Have fun, and enjoy, don't worry about being slow....if you go slowly, you can savor every minute of it!

Heidi said...

But it looks perfect to me ! Love the colors and the critter

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Oh your bug is fantastic. I love it.

One handed? Oh my, that would definitely throw a spanner in the works and make quilting a challenge. But I'm glad you've thrown aside the excuses and done it anyway cuz the results are great.

Rose Marie said...

If you enjoy quilting at slow speed, that is a good thing! Enjoy is the theme to remember. Your critter is sweet and I like the googlie eye idea. So glad that you joined in and are showing us your creativity.

jmbmommy said...

Sometimes we choose our themes, and sometimes they choose us...continue please, I think that it looks so great!

Helen in the UK said...

Congrats to you on rising to the challenge. I LOVE your critter and hope you share more as you get it done :)