Sunday, February 10, 2008

How is Everyone Doing?

Heidi says she needs motivation to finish up. How are the rest of you doing? (I feel like a bit of a hypocrite since I have no intention of actually finishing my top until next winter, but i'm going to give some of you a nudge anyway.) Let's see where everyone is.

Brenda, who now has her own blog Scraps and Strings, finished her wintry quilt.

Kimberly at Loco Quilter finished Let it Snow!

Lisa at The Quiltery finished Joy to the World.

JMBMommy is Imagining Snow

Lynda finished her Goodwill house quilt.

Carol E. finished her little drummer boy inspired quilt.

Jude's peaceful quilt is finished.

Heidi's just about done with her Marry Christmas - keep at it!

Quilting Fitzy is doing such an unusual fun project. She's got a series of mini-finishes done for her signpost project.

Gillian has got to be just about done. Her quilting was in progress last we saw her stockings.

Rose Marie is quilting on her quilt too. I can't remember what she named it, I just keep thinking Squeaky Snow. hee hee hee.

Katie at Tao of Katie got her Santa Spock top done.

Sandy got her Let it Snow top done (unless she decided to add another border)

Heather has been travelling so understandably didn't get her blocks finished into a top (at least not that we know of).

Tracey did some fun liberated churn dashes and had a great snow man fabric to go with it. Any progress there?

Helen finished some letters. I'm still looking forward to seeing the kiwi wearing christmas stockings.

I know Kristin has gotten distracted with some fun liberated projects (which I always encourage) but I hope she comes back to work on her Better Not Pout project.

Jenclair made a great start with letters and trees...

Erika made a manger. Here's a nudge to come back to blogging and maybe to this project.

Laura has just been having way too much fun. hmm, don't think this quilt got off the drawing board....

McIrish Annie decided to finish up a ufo with the letters.

As did Sara Ho, who has just gotten way too distracted making whacky baskets. (Who wouldn't be?) Someday Sara will follow her star.

Diane unfortunately had some health issues, so was unable to keep working on her incredibly fun Bah Humbug quilt. Maybe sometime soon though.

Kim and Soren, it's not too late to get started if you still want to play.

So we've actually had seven finishes - woohoo and congrats once again. And several more almost theres. That's great.

I apologize if I haven't given you proper credit for your progress. just let me know! And post some pictures, let's see how your quilts look.

Officially there's still several weeks left of winter, even though I am seeing snowdrops and daffodils appearing in blog posts. Keep working on those projects. Good luck.


KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

You caught me Tonya! I think Distraction is my middle name. Better Not Pout is still out, which bodes well for it. If it were put away I'd probably forget about it until next Christmas. I do hope to get back to it soon though. Thanks for the gently nudge!

Sandy said...

I finished Let it Snow before I started Be My Valentine. So, I am still in the middle of #2. Come see my progress on this one. The letters are coming next along with more X's and O's. Thanks for everyone's encouragement, especially you, Ton, and your tutorials. :o)

Kim said...

I started a holiday one and it made me crazy ( ok crazier) and I put it aside :(
I started you're wonky hearts and I need to drag the letters out again and try a different saying that DD wants in the wall hanging. I a week or two a may never want to see red and pink again :(

Heidi said...

thanks for the motivation, another heart is done :-))