Monday, December 24, 2007

Sara's second word

OK. My second day and second word. I decided to make it a little smaller as a not so important word. And then it turned out awfully "regular". But it is pinned up , just to see how they both look on more blue background. This technique is an interesting combination of fun and tedium.

If time allows tomorrow I will work on "STAR". I have gotten the idea to try to make the "A" look a little starry. Hmmm. This requires more thought than I have in my cupboard right now. Hope to get the three words done since we are going away for ten days.

Guess I'll go work on packing my suitcase and maybe inspiration will strike by tomorrow morning. Since no one is coming here, my time will be my own, as long as the suitcase is ready for an 8 AM departure on Christmas Day.



Lazy Gal Tonya said...

a lot of times it takes a few tries to go from very straight-laced looking to wonky. once you know how to do it you can play more. all a matter of practise. unfortunately a lot of patchwork sewing involves tedium... merry christmas and enjoy your holiday.

Lynda said...

Looks great, Sara. I didn't think you were going to include the word star, as the 'Follow the' has a star right at the end! (Perhaps I used prior knowledge to fill in that blank. Someone who didn't know might have been a bit puzzled!)