Monday, December 3, 2007

Finally, some progress! Tracey

I finally got some sewing for this project completed this weekend. I had planned to use the snowman fabric in the center of my churn dashes, but the snowmen are about 4" across, and that would have made for 12" blocks, which would be just too big for this project. I cut out my blocks according to the guidelines in Collaborative Quilting, and wasn't thinking much when I did. Once I started sewing, I realized that these blocks are smaller than thought...just 5" finished, but thats fine, I'll figure out where they are going at a later point. Last night I made 18 blocks.

Now I'm trying to think about how this quilt is going to be put together. I think I'm going to make some snowflakes to go in here too, and I'll use the snowman fabric, and the words dashing thru the snow. When I was playing with my blocks, I tried a medallion setting, but I'm not crazy about it...too much blank and boring in the middle. I'm going to try rows next, but not until my machine gets serviced.

Any suggestions?


Quilt Pixie said...

your wonky churn dashes look great! The large medalion really doesn't do a lot for it :-( maybe as it lacks the "wonkiness" ?

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Love your blocks!

funny, I have the opposite reaction to you two. I like that big piece of fabric in the middle. That's a fabric I'd actually been considering buying and using as a big center with a border in order to feature my freehand fans. That's just me though. How much of the snowmen do you have? Enough to slice them up and use them as alternate blocks?

Words in the center, snowmen as border? Words and snowmen in the center and the churn dashes as the border? Try making the words so you can move those around as well.

jude said...

the blocks are wonderful, just enough wonkiness and i love those snowmen, because i like the soft edges against the hard edges.

Carol E. said...

I love it with the snowmen in the middle, but where will you put the words? That might alter how you want the arrangement.

Tracey in CT said...

I need to think abou this a lot more. I have two pieces of the fabric, I think they are both about 3/4 of a yard, so I could do alternate blocks if that seems right.
I was also thinking of doing some snowflake blocks to go with the churn dashes.
I guess that I'll make the words next, and go from there.

Gillian said...

The wonky churn dashes work really well for me!

It's fun to see the different ways you're playing with layouts.

The snowmen in the middle doesn't really work for me. I think I would be drawn more to an alternative that incorporated more variety of elements.

Lisa said...

I love it with the snowman fabric in the middle and the churn dashes around the outside. It just seems to work. Maybe the churn dashes remind me of skies sticking out of the snow when skiers fall over - LOL. I say don't overcomplicate it.