Friday, December 14, 2007

Heidi - Quilting

Managed to pin-baste the top and started quilting crooked fans :-)) But I like it. It's amazing, that all I needed for this quilt sits here in my home. So I found this thick red thread, which I got as a present and haven't had a clue what to use it for, and this thread is perfect for this quilt.
I'll quilt the fans all over except for the elks ( as Tonya suggested ) and maybe for the extra quilted hearts, though I'm not sure anymore if I leave the heart. My plan was to quilt hearts in the lime background of the elks, but .... I'll sure let you know what I'll do :-))
Another amazing thing is the difference the fabric makes for quilting. The lime fabric is a very cheap but pretty fabric von IKEA, it's not as fine as the other cottons and it's a paint to quilt it.
I didn't notice that before.
Again, thanks Tonya for this class and a Merry Christmas to all of you


jude said...

hey, good luck with the quilting. it is my favorite part. it is so true how different fabrics are and you really get to know them when you stitch through them by hand.

Gillian said...

I really like the way all-over quilting can unify a design and bring it all together.

Your quilt is looking lovely.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, sorry to hear that fabric is difficult to quilt through - that's no fun at all. you could emphasize that quilted heart by running another thread through it (kinda like the candy cane look I made on a recent gift tag) or another quilting line close in or echoing into the center. then do the fans around it.

glad you enjoyed the class and so happy that you participated!