Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let it Snow

Hello-I finally got back to my winter project and got it finished. Although looking at it now, I think maybe the snowmen should have some stick arms embroidered in. I added some sequins for ornaments on the tree and for the eyes. I kind of liked adding the embellishments-although I have done some embroidered things I have never added buttons or quilted with big stitches and pearl (perle?) cotton. It was fun! One thing I wish was different is at the top where the letters end, I ran out of the background fabric , so they are "attached" to the border. Oh well.
I still have Santa to finish but I probably won't get back to him for a while, mainly because I'm not sure what to add to him, but I have a couple of other projects to finish up. I would like to put Santa up next holiday season, so I plan to get back to him and finish him up eventually. This has been fun-thank you Tonya for doing this class! It was a fun project!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Congrats! this turned out really fun - I'm glad you tried some new techniques. this is great, but I hope you don't actually get any snow unless you actually want it!

Carol E. said...

Cute! I didn't even notice that the letters are attached until you mentioned it. I have had that happen, like with a window attached to the roof of a house. I just left it that way and hoped no one noticed or cared.

BrendaS said...

To me, it looks like the letters are falling from the sky, just like snow. that's the great part of improv piecing--if you run out of fabric, you can tell everyone you planned it that way. it's a fun quilt.