Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to the drawing board, sort of -Annie

I have all my weird sized blocks from "back in the day" all bordered and recut. I cut them on an angle and like how they look. These are just a few of them. I want to make this lap size so I may need to make more blocks. I'm thinking snowball blocks and maybe some wonky trees and snowflakes.
My letters are the back to the drawing board phase. I've changed my mind on the color of the background for the letters. Good thing I only had two made! Ha, Ha! I have also decided to do all the letters in Capitals partly, well because I am lazy. SO here are two J's. I've written down all the words I am going to do and I am doing all of the letters at one time. The Js are done! Woo Hoo!!

I've got three or four irons in the fire so progress may be slow but I am determined to finish this.

Tonya, if you decide to shut down the blog before I finish I won't be offended!

I have set aside time every day to do a few letters so when I have a whole word done, as Arnold says I'LL BE BACK!~


Lisa said...

It's looking good Annie. I love the effect of those stars scattered at different angles. They seem to really bring the snowboarder to life.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ah, no worries. Keep working on it when you get a chance - I understand about working on lots of different projects at once. Your Js look great.